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Q:  What is a Pawn?
A:  A pawn is a cash loan. When you want to get a loan against collateral, it is called pawning.

Q:  How do I receive  a cash pawn from GoldMine Loan & Jewelry?
To obtain a pawn from us, you would first need a form of collateral.
      To see what type of items we will loan against, please refer to our Home Page.
      Once you have your item for collateral, come by our shop with your item, and we
      will assess your item to determine the amount we can loan against it.

Q:   How much time will I have to get my item(s) out of pawn?
A:   All pawns made at GoldMine Loan are set for a 30 day period. You may pick up your
      pawn at any time leading up to the 30th day. If by the end of 30 days you do not have
      the amount needed to pick up your pawn, you can make a payment which will extend
      your pawn 30 more days.

Q:  How much will it cost me to pick up my item(s) out of pawn?
A:  The interest on pawn is twenty five percent. For example, if you borrow forty
      dollars, it will cost ten dollars additional, or fifty dollars total to pick up your item. 

Q:  Can I sell my item(s) to you as well?
A:   Yes. We purchase items as well as loan against them.

Q:  What forms of Identification will I need to make a Pawn or Sell an item?
A:   You will need to be 18 years of age and have a VALID Driver's License or State Issued I.D. to make
      a Pawn or Sell an item.

Q:   Am I required to pick up my pawn?

A:   No you are not obligated to pick up your item(s). Your credit will not be affected, and
      your status with us will not change. You may also have more than one pawn with us at one time. 

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